Continue Designing During COVID-19

It wasn’t too long ago we were all at KBIS 2020, enjoying all the newest things the kitchen and bath industry leaders had to offer. We all came back renewed and inspired to do great things this year.🥰

😷But, the monkey wrench that is COVID-19 happened. And now we’re on lockdown, or at least, being asked to stay home. I know it feels like the wind in our sails was taken away.

🤔Have you considered taking this opportunity, while we are all home, to plan how your businesses are going to keep moving? Have you really considered how everyone “trying” to work and school kids from home will affect decision makers?🥴

Oh yeah! That’s right! They are, right at this moment, thinking their spaces aren’t working for them. They need functional spaces to work in, for their kiddos to do school work(and frankly, a space where all the tech and school chaos can be neatly put away🤯).

Not everyone was prepared to work from home, so home offices were far from front-of-mind! They need spaces that will inspire creativity and a sense of accomplishment. 🤗The very spaces, we as Designers and Remodel Pros, have in our own homes. Because we all started there. We feel their pain, right?

So, to leverage this opportunity, I have come up with 5 tips to get your creative juices flowing.

  • Virtual Consults- So we can’t go into someone’s home physically. Don’t let that stop you! Everyone is now using FaceTime and Zoom to keep in contact with their bosses. They’re pretty familiar with those platforms. Use these platforms to consult with your future clients. And BONUS, you have the undivided attention of BOTH decision makers!🖥📱
  • Virtual Field Measures- I know. Not ideal. But there are apps out there the client can use for prelim measures of a space. Then, you can give a more educated rough estimate. At best, you gain a remodel client and weed out the tire kickers.  At worst, you wasted 30 minutes of your time and zero money on gas.⛽
  • Virtual Design Reviews- Projects at this stage can also be completed virtually via one of the platforms mentioned above. Zoom makes it easy to share your screen if you’re needing approval of kitchen or bath cabinet layouts, 3D renderings, etc.
  • Mail-Order Samples- Many companies have changed their sample program to support businesses by offering to mail samples directly to your clients. Huge win!🚚 📬📦
  • Virtual Design Assistants- Shameless plug here. A Virtual Design Assistant can help you with all of these things and more! You don’t have to do it all yourself. Need samples ordered? Hand it off to your assistant. Need to schedule and email a Zoom call? Hand it off to your assistant. Need to create mood boards? Hand it off to your assistant. The list of support opportunities is long.

So, how will you pivot? Will you sit and wallow in fear, or take this opportunity to keep your business going?😎👊🏼

Want to learn more about how working with a Virtual Design Assistant benefits your business? Schedule your free 30-minute consultation with me to learn more.

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