Frequently Asked Questions

A Virtual Design Assistant provides you more time to do the actual designing work you love by taking on those tasks you absolutely hate or are not an expert in.  Plus, when you take on a Virtual Design Assistant, you are only paying for the time spent on completing those tasks.  You’re saving valuable resources by not paying out benefits or taxes on a traditional “employee”. 

This will depend on the type of package you choose.  Hourly projects are invoiced at the end of the project and due upon receipt, with a 1.5% late fee added after 5 business days.  Kitchen and bath cabinet design projects are charged at 50% up front, with two draws due at predetermined stages of the project.  Further details can be discussed during our discovery call.  Schedule one NOW!

Great question.  I use a time-tracking program that allows me to clock in/out any time I am working on a project.  For hourly projects, I will send you a copy of the hours spent on your project along with your invoice.  I am a huge proponent of transparency and this is one of the areas where transparency determines if your dollars are well-spent.

This all starts with a free 30-minute discovery call.  We will discuss your business needs and determine where my services will best benefit you.  Once you determine we are a fit, we move on to next steps!  Schedule your discovery call now!

I happen to belong to the Virtual Expert® community, created by the famed Kathy Goughenour, owner and founder of the Expert VA® Training program.  We are a network of highly qualified and talented virtual professionals in their fields.  You have a gap you need filled?  I can connect you with a colleague who will fit that need!

Please visit my Contact page for all the ways you can contact me.